Tenerife Cafe-Restaurant Review

Tenerife Cafe

Nowadays, youngsters search for good places for food. They want to change their taste and eat healthy. Especially, they want good environment, serving and pure food. With all of these needs, we have a perfect cafe for food lovers. 


Tenerife cafe is one of the purist cafe, where you will find whatever you want to eat. Their logo is a royalist. It is located at 11 Jail Road, Main Gulberg, Lahore Pakistan. The location is so elegant and unique. 

Tenerife Cafe-Restaurant Review
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Menu and Food

They have launched their new menu with a lot choices. The menu has everything along the weather. There Hi-Tea is very famous. Their food is so real. Their drinks have many choices. Every food has a different taste and every taste needs a different drink. Their dishes have different and
delicious taste.
Tenerife Cafe-Restaurant Review
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Booking and Reservation

You can book your tables there. Their birthday bookings are very celebrated. They reserved tables with persons. Serving: There serving is very responsible. They are very cooperative. The
service is on point. The staff is also good and well-mannered.
Tenerife Cafe-Restaurant Review


Their environment is lovely, good, peaceful and less noisy. They also have their outside sitting. I really like to have a cup of coffee and sit outside at Tenerife, it looks very nice and romantic.
So, Tenerife café is highly recommended. The prices are very reasonable with the food. Everything is good and reasonable in this café. The rate of Tenerife is 4.3 stars and yes it is very good. If I think of
good food I will choose Tenerife Cafe.
Tenerife Cafe-Restaurant Review
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"Food Is like a hug Always there when you need it"

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