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Joyland is an amusement park in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. An amusement park is a place where people can go to enjoy games, rides, and other activities. Joyland is located in Fortress Stadium، Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab. It is spread out over an area of 6 acres. Joyland is one of the best amusement parks in Lahore because it is unique attractions with different rides. Therefore, it is a wonderful place to visit as it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the entertainment of the various type. Moreover, Joyland is one of the most favorite places in Lahore it is not only for kids it is also interested in youngsters. Three of the most famous rides in the place are Discovery, Drop Tower, Top Spin and Free Fall. It is a fun-packed amusement park that doesn’t weigh too heavily in your pocket. It’s all rides are separately certified by the top-class engineers to ensure everyone who comes to Joyland is safe and secure for their fun day out.

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There are more than 30 rides in Joyland. All are saved and well checked.
  • For Children
Bumper cars, carousel rides, ferries wheel, go-kart rides, trackless train, track train, Self-Control aircraft, ocean carousel rides, flying chairs, spinning teacups, mini shuttles rides, ground grid bumper rides, battery bumper cars bounce jumping machine rides, elephant/ocean train, Miami rides, samba balloon, jellyfish rides, double-Decker carousel, worm roller coaster, rotary octopus, jumping.

  • For adults
Topspin ride,  pirate ship, flying carpet, drifting car, roller coaster, flying chair, tagada disco ride, ferries wheel, big pendulum ride, bull pulling ride.

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Food Court

It has its food court, where you can eat good and a lot of food.

 Joy land Park Lahore Facilities

At Joyland, you can have bull riding, crazy boat ride, discovery ride, and the famous top spin ride. Some more Features are following;

Business Timings: Saturday to Sunday 10:00pm to 11:00am.

If You Want To Watch Videos World Of Information "Youtube"

Parking: Paid parking available.

Smoking: Allowed but Please Avoid that.

Nearby Restaurants: KFC, MacDonald, Domino's, etc.

Nearest Location: Fortress Stadium, Sindbad.

Kids Play Area: Yes.

Preferred for Families: Yes

So, the rating of Joyland is 4.0 out of 5. This is the happiness of Lahore city.

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