Benefits Of CPEC To Pakistan


Pakistan and China are friends for a very long time. They have relations through the Ancient Silk Road. Now both countries want to increase the volume of their trade. China decided to make a large investment in Pakistan under its One Belt One Road vision through the CPEC project. Hence, China and Pakistan are equally going to benefit from the project thus they both are interested in doing the project in time. And putting their efforts to complete the project. Some countries are working to stop the project by strong opposition. But China and Pakistan are agreed to complete the project. CPEC means China–Pakistan Economic Corridor. And it is a collection of infrastructure projects. Moreover, CPEC projects are currently under construction throughout Pakistan. The value of CPEC projects is worth $62 billion. Benefits Of CPEC To Pakistan are the following;

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Benefits of CPEC:

Here are some of the major benefits of CPEC;
  1. Pakistani Labor will get jobs.
  2. Pakistani products will be exported to China.
  3. It is not just a road but a combination of the road, rail, and economic zones. This will helps Pakistani Entrepreneurs.
  4. Pakistan will no longer depend on the West.
  5. The products of Pakistan will also be easily transported to markets that have no access, right now.
  6. Therefore, Pakistani students will get easy access to the China education system.
  7. CPEC will help Pakistan in dealing with its energy problems or projects. And coal-fired, solar power plants in Karachi, Bahawalpur, Thatta, Narran, Sahiwal, etc.
  8. The port of Gwadar constructed under CPEC is a hub for the central Asian republics.
  9. 1,100-kilometer-long motorway will be constructed between the cities of Karachi and Lahore.
  10. Karachi to Peshawar's main railway line will also be upgraded to allow for train travel at up to 160 kilometers per hour by December 2019.
  11. The railway network of Pakistan will also be extended to eventually connect to China will be completely reconstructed.
  12. Rawalpindi and the Chinese border Karakoram Highway will be completely reconstructed.
  13. Gwadar and Nawabshah Pipeline for transport gas from Iran.
  14. Moreover, the improved in Infrastructure. Strategic and Economic gains for Pakistan and China.
  15. Development of FATA, KPK and Baluchistan.
  16. China's Investments will boost Pakistan’s $274 billion GDP by over 15%.
  17. Strategic and economic trade routes.
  18. It would decrease the travel distance and cost greatly from China to the Gulf.
  19. Independent path from India and USA’s interference.
  20. Therefore, a new business market in another country.
Benefits Of CPEC To Pakistan

Disadvantages of CPEC:

Here are some of the major disadvantages of CPEC;
  1. China will find access to interlock countries this may increase the numbers of Chinese Products, this will depressed Pakistani Businesses.
  2. China's national language is Chinese, Pakistan's National language is Urdu, and this will create a huge communication gap.
  3. Pakistani market is not capable to cope with the increasing demand for the raw materials needed for this project.
  4. Moreover, a number of technical people in Pakistan are too low, so China has to use his own manpower to cope with increasing demand.
Benefits Of CPEC To Pakistan


Moreover, CPEC is a big opportunity for both the nations and the region. It is the best way for Pakistan to realize its true strategic and economic potential. Hence, CPEC is beneficial for both Pakistan and China. With the help of CPEC, strategic and Economic gains for Pakistan and China. China and Pakistan are equally going to benefit from the project. Thus they both are interested in doing the project in time.

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